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Breast Cancer Early Detection

The benefits of early detection when it comes to breast cancer can’t be overstated. This year alone there will be an estimated 232,000 new cases of breast cancer. When detected in the early stages, there is currently a 98% survival rate after 5 years. However, there still is no cure. This is why the staff and family at Lon Lockwood Electric are pledging $5 for every job we do to go towards the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester. We also want to take the time to remind every woman in our lives and yours to take early detection seriously.

When it comes to early detection, self-exams and keeping up with annual appointments is vital. One way to stay aware and help detect breast cancer is to know the risk factors. There are certain lifestyle and genetic factors that can help you determine your risk for developing breast cancer at some point in your lives. Your family history is important, as is your lifestyle, such as how much alcohol you drink and if you smoke. Your weight and if you have used birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy also factor in to your chances of developing breast cancer. It is always a good idea to discuss these individual factors and be aware of how they may increase or decrease your chances of developing breast cancer.

Being aware of your personal risk factors and knowing your body are perhaps two of the most important things women can actively do to detect any breast cancer early. Detecting breast cancer as early as possible is the key to helping increase the survival rate and keeping the women in our lives healthy until a cure can be developed once and for all.