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Reindeer Need to See Your House, Are Your Lights Lit?

This time of year, the sun goes down a lot earlier but spirits are brighter than any other time. In fact, the holiday season is all about lights, brightness, and welcoming the world into your home. When Christmas Eve is here and the reindeer are near, will they be able to see your house?

Each year, you may go for a bigger and brighter light display than the year before, as you should. You might even spend weeks untangling those lights, setting up the perfect displays, arranging inflatable and lit up displays on every corner of your yard, all in hopes of attracting the big guy in the red suit. Part of making your house stand out and be worthy of a visit from the old jolly one and his reindeer is making sure those lights are strung safely.

As your light display gets bigger and bigger, the amount of electricity needed to bring it all to life increases. While brighter may be better, safer is smarter. Part of that outdoor light safety includes knowing which lights and cords are for outdoor use and which are only for indoor use. Using the right amount of outlets and plugs in a safe and easy to get past way is also important. The professionals at Lon Lockwood Electric can help determine if you have the capacity to light up the house enough to attract those reindeer. However, it isn’t up to us which side of the “naughty or nice” list you landed on this year.

One way to ensure you get and stay on the nice list might be if you call us about our how to install smoke detectors Rochester NY services. If you install smoke detectors properly and change the batteries as you should, your crazy light displays will not only be the envy of the neighborhood, but will show Santa that you put safety first. Contact us today!