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  • Lighting Control Stations and Timers

    Imagine a world where you were able to control the lighting in your home without getting up to flip the…

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  • How To Clean Up A Broken Light Bulb

    So you’re in your kitchen when all of a sudden a fluorescent light bulb comes crashing down onto the floor.…

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  • Is Your Electrical Wiring Up To Code?

    Is your electrical equipment up to code? You may be thinking “Yes, it is” but with code changing so frequently,…

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  • Light Bulb Guide: Breaking Down The Different Types Of Bulbs

    If somebody asked you to explain the difference between CFLs, LEDs and Halogens would you be able to? With all…

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  • How To Get Rid Of Stubborn Ice Dams

    Icicles may be pretty to look at but they won’t be so pretty when they tear down your gutters. Snow…

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  • 7 Reasons To Choose Lon Lockwood Electric!

    When it comes to electrical problems large and small, Lon Lockwood Electric has you covered! When you choose us, your family will…

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