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  • Where Do You Need Exterior Lighting?

    You know that you like spending time outside on warm summer evenings and you know you need some lighting out there for…

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  • 3 Ways To Light Your Outdoor Area This Summer

    If you enjoy spending time outside on a beautiful summer night, you’re going to need some lighting. After all, lighting isn’t always…

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  • Why You Need To Switch To LEDs

    If you haven’t made the switch to LED light bulbs you need to do so right away! Why? Some of the most…

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  • What is a Dedicated Circuit?

    Have you ever heard the term “dedicated circuit” being tossed around in an electrical conversation? You may be thinking what…

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  • Outdoor Lighting Safety

    Why stay cooped in inside all summer when you can be outdoors enjoying the warm weather. The summer is known…

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  • Which Light Bulb Is Right For My Home?

    CFL, LED, Watt, Lumen, what does it all mean? There are more light bulb options now than ever before which can make…

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