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Even Though the Snow is Still Falling, Think Ahead to Warmer Days

The snow has really piled up this year and surely your heating bills have too. The cold temps, icy roads, and the shovel you are sick of reaching for are all reminders of the wrath of Mother Nature. However, something is coming around the corner sooner than you may think: the hot, sticky, humid days of summer.

Those hot days are coming. And even though you might gladly welcome a humid sunny day right now, we all know we will be wishing for relief from the heat in time. That’s why now is the time to start planning ahead. Don’t wait until that first horribly humid day to bring up old dusty fans from the basement. Call Lon Lockwood Electric (an electrician Rochester NY) and talk to an expert about installing ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans are the effective and affordable way to keep your home cool. The various styles also mean there is a ceiling fan for every décor in every home. By installing a ceiling fan, you can put down the magazine you are fanning yourself with and actually enjoy your home. They help keep the home cool at night, so you can sleep despite the stickiness outside.

Call your electrician Rochester NY today and ask about getting a jump start on installing a ceiling fan. Just watching us install one will remind you of those good ol’ warm days of your youth.