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Do You Know These 5 Things About Surge Protectors?

You’ve probably heard that you should be using a surge protector to plug in your computer and other electronic devices around your home. But there’s more to it than going out to your local store, purchasing the first one you see and plugging your devices in.

Here are some things you should know before you go shopping:

  • Surge protectors prevent voltage spikes from entering your device.
  • They are NOT the same as power strips. Power strips are simply an extension of your outlets that allow you to plug multiple cords in at the same time. They don’t offer much protection when it comes to electricity spikes.
  • An electrical surge can happen anywhere. This includes phone lines and ethernet network cables along with any other electrical line you have in your home.
  • Better surge protectors are designed to cut off power in the event of a spike. Since they don’t absorb the surge, they should not wear out over time.
  • Some surge protectors come with a warranty. A warranty might cover damage to your electronic devices, and protectors with a lifetime warranty often work like a circuit breaker.

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