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Electrical Equipment Repair Services

Fed up with switches that don’t work? Ceiling fans that wobble? Sparking outlets? Each of these electrical problems poses a threat to you and your family, but they can be resolved before a major issue occurs.

In order to save money, homeowners often try to fix electrical problems on their own. However, they don’t often realize the potential hazards that can arise because of a lack of proper knowledge. Many breakdowns that we’ve serviced in Rochester and Fairport could have been avoided altogether if the homeowner simply called us first. Don’t let a simple issue turn into a huge disaster, call a professional.

Your safety is our priority. At Lon Lockwood Electric we understand the importance of keeping your home safe from electrical dangers. Our electricians follow all government regulated safety precautions and with our help, your faulty electrical equipment will be repaired safely. Don’t take the risk, it’s not worth compromising your safety. Call us today at(585) 766-4702!