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How Can Proper Ventilation Increase Air Quality?

Tired of living in a home filled with toxins and harmful airborne chemicals? Proper ventilation plays a major role in increasing the quality of your indoor air and at Lon Lockwood Electric, kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans are two of our specialties!

Find out how you can benefit below:

Kitchen Exhaust

If you love to cook, or love watching your significant other cook for you, but hate how it smells a few hours later a kitchen exhaust fan is the perfect solution. Burnt foods and frying can leave odors are very difficult to remove and breathing them in all night is quite unpleasant. We can install a new hood vent or wall unit exhaust fan in your kitchen that will instantly remove smoke or smells with the flip of a switch.

Bathroom Exhaust

Humidity and lack or proper bathroom ventilation is major cause of airborne pollutants in households across the nation. Buildup can cause black mold which is a leading cause of respiratory problems. An exhaust fan in the bathroom will immediately remove moisture before it has a chance to seep into your ceilings and walls.

Ready to have one installed? Call on the experts at Lon Lockwood Electric and start improving the quality of the air inside your home today!