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Is Your Home Up To Code?

Is your home’s electrical system up to code? If it’s not, there could potentially be some serious hazards lurking.

In order to make sure your electrical system is safe, see some of the electrical code violation guidelines below:


  • Ground fault current interrupter (GFCI) receptacles must be installed
  • There has to be a receptacle within 3 feet of the outside edge of your sink basin
  • Must be at least one separate 20-amp branch circuit for high-wattage devices

General Rooms

  • Wall receptacles should be installed every 12 feet
  • They should be on any wall space that is more than 24 inches wide
  • If your hallway is more than 10 feet long, it must have at least one receptacle


  • All outlets in the countertop must be GFCIs
  • Receptacles can be no more than 20 inches above the countertop
  • No receptacles can be facing up
  • If you have an island or peninsula, you must have at least one receptacle installed

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