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Dangers of Space Heaters

Did you know that space heaters cause almost 25,000 home fires and 6,000 emergency room visits each year? While some homeowners opt for them as a main source of heating during the cooler months, they can pose a major threat to your home and your health.

Find out a few reasons why you should reconsider purchasing a portable heater below:

  • Most homeowners don’t know the proper size to purchase. Oversized heaters can produce too much heat for a certain room and cause serious problems.
  • They should never be placed in high-traffic areas. Young children and pets should kept far away.
  • Liquid-filled space heaters (propane, natural gas and kerosene) produce dangerous fumes.
  • Refilling a warm heater can cause it to explode or burst into flames.
  • Portable electric heaters often cause an overloaded circuit. They should always be plugged directly into a wall outlet.

If you MUST use a space heater this season, be sure to read up on safe usage methods and follow all guidelines.

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