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  • Benefits of LED Lighting
    Benefits of LED Lighting

    Incandescent light bulbs have become a thing of the past. As many of us look toward the future with an eye on green and cheaper alternatives, LED light bulbd have become the new norm. They are not ...

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  • 5 Ways To Light Up Your Bathroom
    5 Ways To Light Up Your Bathroom

    Not satisfied with the way your bathroom looks? If upgrading fixtures or a full remodel is outside of your budget, there are a few ways to improve the overall ambiance. Choosing the right lighting to ...

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  • Professional Generator Installation
    Professional Generator Installation

    What are you going to do if your power goes out during the middle of an ice storm? Will you be like the rest of your neighbors – stuck in the dark, unable to use any of your electronic devices? Or ...

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  • Electrical System FAQs
    Electrical System FAQs

    AFI. GFCI. Circuit breaker. Fuse Box. What does it all mean? Electrical jargon can get confusing at times especially for homeowners that have never been in the industry. All of the technical terms and ...

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