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Common Causes That Can Lead to Electrical Panel Replacement

When it comes to your electrical panel, you may not know for sure just when it may need to be replaced or what can cause you to have to replace it. There will not be a warning bell or expiration date letting you know that electrical panel replacement will be on the agenda and why it needs done. Also, the last thing you want to do is wait until an emergency or fire happens, or the entire electrical panel fails to work at all.

The most common cause for an electrical panel to go bad and need replacing is its age. An electrical panel should last roughly 20 to 30 years. If you have moved into a house that is older than that and the electrical panel is original, you may experience issues with it soon. If you have been in the house that long or longer and know it hasn’t been replaced, its age will surely catch up with it soon. You can quickly tell a rough estimate of its age by seeing if it uses fuses instead of breakers. Any sign of rust or corrosion may also indicate age is the problem behind your electrical panel problems. Its age may also reveal that it isn’t even up to standard local codes like it should be, meaning replacement is a must.

Another common cause for electrical panel problems or malfunction is the changing way in which we use electricity and how different appliances are today than years ago. The modern home simply uses more electricity today than just a few decades ago. We use more and the newest appliances on the market require more amps than what homes had to handle in the past. We also simply have more appliances to power. If you have just remodeled a home, added an addition or renovated installing all new appliances, you may find this can cause your electrical panel to have issues. If you are demanding more power than it is able to handle, you will trip the circuits more and more.

An experienced Lon Lockwood Electric electrician can easily determine the age of your electrical panel or determine what may be causing the issues you are dealing with. Once we assess the causes of your electrical panel problems, we can recommend a safe, affordable, up to code solution so you can go back to enjoying your home.