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3 Main Types of Electrical Panels

If you’re not an electrician, you probably haven’t given much thought to the electrical panel in your home. You probably know that it’s where electricity enters your home from the big wires outside and you probably know that it’s where you need to go when you “blow a fuse.” But we’re going to take a guess that you didn’t know there are three main types and that the type of panel you have is based on the size of your house and the amount of electricity you use. With that said, we’re going to give you some of the details about the three main types of electrical panels, below:

Main Breaker Panel

This is the mother of all electrical panels. It is where you will find the main breaker that can shut off power to the entire house and it’s also where the amount of electricity that enters your home is controlled. The main breaker panel ultimately protects the circuits it feeds and it identifies your breaker panel’s amperage capacity.

Main Lug Panel

These breakers do not have a main breaker – the line wires run into lugs. With a lug panel, there is a separate disconnect that be used from the outside if there is a fire or other emergency.

Sub Panels

If you need multiple circuits in a single area of your house, your best bet is to go with sub panels. They are typically powered by a circuit from within the main panel and they do not have their own disconnect. With sub panels, you can adjust how the electricity is distributed throughout your house.

Because each type is best for a different set of circumstances, you will want some honest advice before choosing an electric panel for your home. Lon Lockwood Electric can help figure out what kind will meet your needs and give you the control and options you need. Call us today at (585) 766-4702 to learn more!