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  • Can My Air Conditioner Cause a Power Surge?

    What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a power surge? Chances are, you’re thinking of…

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  • When Is It Time For A New Electrical Panel?

    Your electrical panel won’t last forever – it’s that simple. Sure, they are built to last for several years, but there are…

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  • 5 Smart Home Devices That Aren’t So “Smart”

    It’s no secret that smart home devices are becoming more and more prevalent and that they’re changing the way in…

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  • Best Farmers Markets in Rochester

    It’s National Farmers Market Week and it’s time to get out there and support your local farmers! Plus, there’s nothing…

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  • Can Exhaust Fans Cool Down My House?

    In just a few more weeks, we won’t be worrying about staying cool in the Rochester area. But for now,…

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  • Are Power Surges Killing Your Electronics?

    Picture this: it’s raining cats and dogs outside. Thunder is roaring and you see flashes of lightning every couple of…

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