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  • The Perfect Lighting For Any Party

    Do you want your party to be added to the list of “eh, that party was ok” or do you…

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  • Why Should I Hire A Professional Electrician?

    You’ve got a few free hours this weekend and you’re ready to finally get down and dirty and take care…

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  • Flickering Lights? It’s Probably Your Dimmer Switch

    You are sitting in your bedroom reading a book and trying to wind down for the night. You turn your…

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  • Standard vs. USB Outlets: Which are Better?

    Remember the good old days when every two pronged plug was the same shape? Every outlet looked the same -…

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  • Could Your Future Home Power Your Needs?

    In the market for your first home? What an exciting time in your life! We understand however, that purchasing a…

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  • Can Dimmer Switches Save Me Money?

    Sure, dimmer switches are great for setting the mood. They’re also a nice way to get just the right amount…

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