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3 DIY Lighting Projects For Your Next Backyard Party

Step away from the candles. There are lots of other ways to light up your backyard and keep your party going well into the night and none of them involve a flame. Find out how you can use a variety of common household items to create a backyard oasis you and your guests will never want to leave, below.

Lantern Clusters

Whether you want to use actual decorative lanterns or create your own out of canning jars, lantern clusters are one of the easiest and most attractive ways to light up any outdoor space. You can use translucent glass paint to create a variety of colors and string lights or tealights to brighten up the night.

Cupcake Lights

Have a string of holiday lights in the garage? Have a few extra cupcake liners in the cabinet? That’s all you need to create a little bit of sweet decor around the yard. Cut a small X in the top of a cupcake liner and secure it around the bulb of each light.

Table Runners

Head over to your recycle bin and pull out a few empty beer bottles. We recommend rinsing them out and letting them dry for a couple of days before you begin working. All you need to do is stuff colorful string lights inside and line the center of the table. It’s super easy and creates a great atmosphere.

In need of a more permanent lighting solution? While temporary lights are great for parties and entertaining, permanent fixtures can add a layer of safety and security. Give the expert electricians at Lon Lockwood Electric a call today to learn more about our services.