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3 Easy Electrical-Themed Halloween Decorations

Waiting anxiously for trick-or-treaters to show up at your door? We’ve got a few ideas that will keep you busy until they arrive. Show off your festiveness and creativity this year by equipping your home with these easy electrical-themed Halloween decorations:

Tin-Can Lanterns

  • Head over to your recycling bin and pull out a bunch of leftover food cans.
  • Remove the labels, wipe the inside with a soapy sponge and then fill them with water and stick them in the freezer.
  • Once the water freezes, draw your favorite Halloween-themed designs on the outside of the can.
  • Grab a hammer and and awl and start punching out dotted lines.
  • Run the cans under hot water to get rid of the ice, dry them off, and a tea light.
  • Place them on a step or tabletop outside your door.

Skull Lights

  • Head over to your local Halloween store. Purchase a skull with large holes in the eye sockets and a few missing teeth.
  • Place a tea light or other small battery-powered LED light inside the skull so light emits from the eyes and mouth.
  • Place the skull on a tabletop, step or on top of a pumpkin to surprise your guests with a flickering noggin.

Pumpkin Luminaries

  • Hollow out a pumpkin using a knife and a spoon.
  • Rough out a design and mark the dots on the pumpkin with a permanent marker.
  • Grab a drill and a drill bit and bore holes where you made your dots.
  • Pop a string of Christmas lights through the holes you made and plug them into a nearby receptacle.
  • Voila! You’ve got yourself a more sophisticated version of the classic jack-o-lantern.

Wishing all a very safe and happy Halloween from the friendly team of electricians at Lon Lockwood Electric!