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3 Lighting Ideas To Brighten Up Your Vanity

Not getting enough light in your bathroom? This can be a major problem for homeowners – especially for those whose bathrooms don’t receive much natural light. But you shouldn’t continue using the bathroom in the dark. Why? You spend lots of time there getting ready in the morning or relaxing after a long day’s work and most bathroom tasks require adequate lighting (think shaving your face or putting on makeup).

When it comes to bathroom lighting, choosing the right fixtures is key. But once you have the style picked out, you’ll need to choose the right finish. With so many options available today, we understand how overwhelming it can be. So see below to find out some of the differences and we hope you get some good ideas:


This is the perfect style to complement a bathroom with repurposed wood mirrors or vanities. Adding Edison-style bulbs and fixtures with an industrial vibe can create a bold statement. It’ll also add some character and charm.


Looking for a more simple approach? You can’t go wrong with neat, tidy classic light fixtures and bulbs. This is a great way to update any bathroom of the house quickly and easily. Classy chrome fixtures are highly recommended.


Galvanized metal fixtures work wonders when it comes to modern design. Be careful not to choose fixtures that are too bold or create too much of an impact – save that aspect for the mirrors or the walls.

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