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3 Quick Ways To Turn Your Bathroom Into An Oasis

When was the last time you thought about the lighting in your bathroom? Probably not since the day you moved in, or maybe never, right? You just walk in, flip the switch go about your business and leave. Don’t worry you’re not alone. But did you know that the right lighting can make it feel less like a bathroom and more like an oasis? Here’s what you need to consider:

Layers of Lighting

Task: think of task lighting as the lighting around the vanity. These tend to be the most important because this is where you want your head and face to be illuminated for grooming. Instead of placing recessed fixtures over the mirror, consider vertical fixtures or sconces mounted on either side instead. This sets up for a more even cast of light across the face.

Ambient: this is your substitute for natural light, it sort of fills in everywhere that needs lighting. In most bathrooms, a central fixture can accomplish this task quite well – think a pendant lamp or chandelier.

Accent: this type of lighting should be used to accentuate certain features of the bathroom. You can have a small recessed spotlight installed to highlight a piece of decorative art, or a recessed fixture in the shower to show off nice tilework.

Additional Considerations

Once you’ve got the layers of lighting figured out, it’s important to think of things like choosing the right bulb and perhaps installing dimmer switches. We recommend crisp white bulbs as they tend to render skin tones most accurately. And if you’re looking to set the mood, or simply have more control, dimmers are the way to go!

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