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3 Reasons To Have An Exhaust Fan Installed

Do you suffer from chronic headaches, chest pain or excessive coughing? Lingering odors, cooking with gas appliances and lack of proper ventilation in your home can cause you or your family members to get sick. It’s time to start breathing healthier, cleaner air by having exhaust fans installed. Not only can kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans help clear up the air, they’ll provide you with a number of benefits.

See below to find out how they can help:

  • Bathrooms and laundry rooms are two main sources of humidity in the home. Why is humidity bad? Too much of it can cause mold and mildew to form and breathing this stuff in can really be detrimental to your health. Exhaust fans can help control the environment by removing excess humidity.
  • Do you have a gas stove or oven? Each time you cook, pollutants are released into the air. It’s important to run a kitchen exhaust fan while preparing meals to get rid of odors and excess gas that has been released.
  • Exhaust fans can also help get rid of stale, stagnant air that is causing the inside of your home to smell funny. While air fresheners may temporarily mask the scent, they too can be contributing to poor indoor air quality.

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