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3 Reasons You Need Under Cabinet Lighting

Thinking about upgrading your kitchen? You’ve probably realized it’s time for new appliances and you may have even come to the conclusion that those old light fixtures need to go. But oftentimes, homeowners forget to include under cabinet lighting in their plans and this is a BIG mistake. Find out why installing UCLs can be beneficial in more ways than one, below:

  • Going the LED Route Can Save You Money. How? First of all, LEDs consume less energy and give off less heat than standard incandescent bulbs. But more importantly, you won’t have to turn on the rest of the lights in the room to see what you’re doing while cooking or prepping your food.
  • They Can Add Style and Value to Your Home. How? Think layered lighting. Switching over to a more unique and more modern style in your kitchen can enhance the way the room looks while increasing its overall value – just think about how that kitchen will shine in the eyes of potential buyers.
  • They’re Inexpensive and Easy to Install. Why? Well, you don’t need lots of light bulbs or extravagant fixtures for them to look right. You’ll likely only need small bulbs, a few short cables and one or two basic tools. If you know a little bit about electricity, you can probably install them yourself, but if that just isn’t your cup of tea, you can always call on the experts at Lon Lockwood Electric!

Don’t forget about one of the most crucial updates in the kitchen when it comes to creating a unique style and ambiance. For more information on under cabinet lighting, feel free to call the friendly electricians at Lon Lockwood Electric today! (585) 766-4702.