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3 Smart Reasons to Invest in Roof Heat Tape

Let’s face it – we get lots of snow here in the Rochester area. Each winter, homeowners across the region gear up for the bitter cold and are no strangers to snow and ice. In order to protect your home’s roof from ice dams this winter, which can cause severe damage, you should consider roof heat tape. Here’s why:

  • Ice dams are caused by melting snow at your rooftop collecting and re-freezing. Ice is not your roof’s best friend as it can cause major water damage. Heat tape prevents ice from forming and allows your home’s drainage system to function regularly. This way, melted snow and ice stays away from the dry wall, plaster, insulation and wood holding up the structure.
  • Extend the life of your roof and your shingles. Did you know that ten to twelve inches of snow can weigh as much as five pounds per square foot? Think of the added load your roof has to deal with every time it snows. All of that stress can drastically shorten its lifespan.
  • Protect your family and friends from falling snow and ice. As snow and ice forms on the roof and then begins to melt, it can slide off and crush any passerby underneath. Additionally, dripping ice dams can cause black ice on the driveway or walkway. Heating cables help to get rid of this risk by melting snow and ice on the roof and allowing it to drain safely.

Ice dams can be eliminated by roof heat tape before they start to form. Properly installed by a Lon Lockwood Electric technician, your home will be leak free for years to come. Call us now to schedule an installation!