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4 Creative Lighting Options For Holiday Food Prep

large family in kitchenEver try to cook in the dark? Believe it or not, we have and trust us when we tell you it’s not easy. Key food prep areas of the kitchen need to be well-lit but you’ll want to keep a balance between bright lights and softer options to create the perfect kitchen. The lighting options below will help you create a functional space without neglecting ambiance.

Oversized Pendants

Pendant lights are the perfect solutions for large kitchen islands. They shine light directly onto the surface which will make slicing and dicing a breeze, but they can also soften and diffuse the focus around the eating area making them a win-win.

Variety of Sources

Why go with one fixture when you can choose a variety? Traditional sconces are perfect for the backsplash while hanging lanterns can add style and decor to the island and/or sink.

Light Up the Hood

Shopping around for a new vent hood for above the stove? Look for one with built-in lighting. It adds a bit of a modern feel to the kitchen and keeps the prep space bright underneath.

Hide the Fixture Not the Light

Not a fan of big fixtures hanging throughout the kitchen? Disguise them in the middle of your hanging pot rack. It’ll be difficult for you and your guests to notice until it comes time to break out the pots and pans for dinner.

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