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5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring An Electrician

Finding an electrician can be very easy, but finding the right electrician is often a difficult task. Some like to cut corners and take the easy way out, some don’t follow the rules and others aren’t even licensed.

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So before you hire your next electrician, ask these 5 questions:

  • Are you licensed? In most states, electricians are required to be licensed . There are two levels of licensure: master electrician and journeyman. A master electrician is required to have at least two years of professional experience and is licensed for both design and installation of electrical systems. A journeyman is licensed for installation only.
  • Are you insured? In an instance where something goes wrong, you want the electrician you hired to be liable right? Electrical contractors should carry at least $500,000 in liability and workers’ compensation insurance. If they don’t, move on.
  • Do you have any references from similar jobs? It’s difficult to judge the quality of work without being able to see it in person. This is why you should ask for references so you can at least hear from previous customers that had a similar job done in their home.
  • Who will perform the work? Ever hire somebody and then another technician shows up to do the work? You may want to ask about the hourly rates for the combination of workers that are going to do the work and if your job requires a master electrician, you’ll want to make sure that’s what you’re going to get.
  • What does the estimate include? Sometimes electricians only include certain aspects of the job in their estimate. When they send the final bill, there are a number of additional charges that you did not previously discuss. Make sure the estimate includes the entire project so there are no surprises down the road.

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