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Add Livability To Your Deck or Patio With The Right Lighting

If you’re not spending time outside on your deck, quite frankly you’re wasting lots of valuable space. A deck or patio is a wonderful addition to your home and it’s a great place to relax and unwind after a long day. With that said, the right deck and patio lighting goes a long way – extending your long days into longer nights.

Why Do You Need Deck/Patio Lighting?

Not only does the right lighting create extra party time outside, it provides an added layer of safety and security as well. Depending on the placement of fixtures, lights can help illuminate stairs, show your guests where railings are and light up walkways.

Types of Deck Lighting:

  • Large Floor Lamps: if part of your deck or patio is covered, why not bring your indoor style outside? Large floor lamps will light up the majority of the space and add a sense of ambiance. Look for models with weatherproof features so they can withstand the elements should a storm roll in.
  • String Lights: if style and versatility is what you’re going for, these are perfect. You can hang them up in just about any location and you don’t have to worry about hiding wires.
  • Motion-Activated Lighting: this is the perfect solution for stairs and walkways. Bright LED lights turn on as they detect motion so you’re never walking through the dark.
  • Low-Voltage LED Fixtures: you can install these on deck posts or on your house itself to light up the area. You may even want to include them on the railing or on the steps – either way, they’re a great option for just about any patio or deck.

Need help choosing the right lighting for your outdoor space? Call on the experts at Lon Lockwood Electric. We’ll help you transform your yard into what might become your favorite part of the house!