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Best Types of Lighting For The Garden

You’ve spent hours and hours in that garden and have dedicated most of your free time to perfecting it. Now it’s time to show it off! Outdoor lighting is more than just a tool to light a path or provide a sense of security. It’s a way to enhance the ambiance of a space and accentuate certain areas that are worth putting on display.

Not All Lighting Is Created Equal

Sure, you could head out to your local home improvement store and purchase any old outdoor lighting and throw it in the garden. But you’re better than that! Trust us when we tell you the right fixtures and the right bulb make a world of difference.

Types of Garden Lighting

  • Spotlights: can be mounted on walls or trees and angled downward or can be placed at ground level and angled upward, making this type of lighting one of the most versatile options. They’re best used in larger, open areas as they cast a wider splash of light.

  • Wall Lights: they may sound similar to spotlights, but they’re different in that they normally consist of decorative covers so they look a bit more elegant.

  • In-Ground Lights: these are essentially spotlights embedded in the ground with the face of the light flush with the surface. Their sleek and inconspicuous design make them the perfect option for the garden.

  • Spike Lights: looking to illuminate flower beds, small bushes or plants in the garden? Spike lights are the solution. They come in a variety of options including mains-powered, battery-powered or solar-powered and range in price from very affordable to a bit more expensive.

We hope you’re a bit more well-versed when it comes to garden lighting now and when you’re ready to have your new lighting installed, you know where to go! Contact Lon Lockwood Electric today to speak with our friendly, expert electrical staff.