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Brighten Up Your Bedroom With A New Lighting Plan

Afraid of the dark? Brighten up your bedroom with antique bedside sconces or contemporary pendant fixtures.

Use the 3 ideas below to add elegance, flair and practicality to one of the rooms in your house where you spend the most time:

  • Add Light, But Save Space: if your bedroom is lacking in square footage, but it could use a new lighting fixture or two wall sconces are the perfect option. Whether modern or antique-inspired, mirrored space-saving sconces brighten up the room while adding a simple decorative element.
  • Compliment The Primary Source: Want the flexibility of being able to dim the lights early in the morning and turn them up bright when it’s difficult to see at night? Try complementing the primary lighting fixture by adding a few smaller fixtures strategically throughout the room. Turn them on or off depending on the time of day.
  • Going For A Modern Look?: try low-watt pendant light fixtures. You can save space by hanging them from the ceiling at different heights. Often times, this these fixtures won’t be bright enough to light up the entire room so complementing them with additional light sources is a good idea.

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