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Can Your Ceiling Fan Save You Money?

Stuck in predicament between using your ceiling fan to cool off or cranking up your air conditioning system? While a central air system is more power and quite frankly much colder, there are some benefits of sticking to your fan. Find out why below:

Now that warmer temperatures have settled in, you might be quick to reach for the thermostat. We can agree that there’s not much better than coming home out of the heat into a perfectly chilled house, but it’s also not the most efficient method.

A ceiling fan helps to evaporate moisture on your skin as air circulates through the room. This will cause your body to feel cooler, and when your skin feels cooler you can use those extra degrees to save money by turning your AC up a bit or off completely.

Another way your ceiling fan can help you save this season is because it requires much less power to operate than your central air system. A typical ceiling fan only uses about 100 watts of energy compared with an air conditioning system that requires around 3,500. So before you run to the thermostat to get your AC to kick on, think about turning on your ceiling fan first!

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