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Components of an Electrical Panel

Once you know exactly what your electric panel is and what it does, you might want to know what all of those parts are. When you understand the components of your electric panel, you can spot problems quicker than those who are in the dark (literally and figuratively). You can also have an idea of what the issue is when something isn’t quite right. That’s why your electric repair Fairport NY team is here to lend some experience.

The main breaker system limits and protects circuits. The actual circuits are the On and Off switches inside the box. They are stacked up inside and labeled so you know which one is supplying electricity where. The grounding busbars unite all of the wires from the circuits and connect them to the ground bar. The neutral busbars are the contact point for the white wires.

While all of this might sound complex, it is much simpler than you think. It regulates the amount of power that comes in by distributing that power safely and reliably – keeping you and your home safe from overloads. The electric repair Fairport NY experts at Lon Lockwood Electric can help make sure you understand it all and know what you are dealing with. Call us at the first sign of trouble or with any questions.