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DIY Projects: Electrical Safety Tips

man completing DIY project in home

Put on your favorite pair of work jeans, throw on a flannel and strap up those boots. Fall is the perfect time of year to head outside and take care of your home and yard. Before you dive into those DIY projects you’ve been putting off since summer ended, make sure you read the electrical safety tips below:

  • While you may consider yourself handy, we strongly recommend hiring a professional electrician to perform any electrical work around your home.
  • Make a conscious effort to learn about your home’s electrical system so you understand how it works when it comes to maintaining it.
  • Whenever you’re working with an electrical outlet or circuit, always turn off the power to that area before you begin work.
  • Test wires before you touch them to make sure the power is turned off.
  • Stay away from plumbing and gas pipes to avoid serious hazards.
  • If you’re using power tools, always plug them into ground fault circuit interrupters and make sure any electrical cord used outside is labeled for outdoor use.

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