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Don’t Forget These 5 Things Before Vacation

Sunscreen? Check. Bathing suit? Check. Towel? Check. You’re all packed and ready for some time away from the office, and while everyone loves vacation, it can turn south real fast if you forget about certain things around the house. So, before you lock up, use this checklist to make sure everything is in order:

  • Hit the lights – do a once over to make sure the kids didn’t leave any of the lights on in their rooms and check to make sure you turned off the bathroom lights. It is, however, a good idea to leave at least one or two lights on in the living room or the kitchen for security purposes. A completely dark house is an invitation for burglars to break and enter. (Check out our security lighting services page if you’re looking for some reading material while you travel)
  • Unplug your devices – if you leave your electronics plugged in, they’re still consuming electricity even if they’re not turned on. Remember to unplug chargers, televisions, video game consoles and anything else you won’t be using for a few days.
  • Look in the fridge – donate or toss leftovers and any other food item that might expire before you return home. Save yourself and your family from having to pinch their noses as a result of rotten cuisine.
  • Check the batteries – in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, especially if any of your family members aren’t traveling with you.
  • Head over to the thermostat – you may not want to shut your cooling system down completely, but we recommend raising the temperature at least a few degrees. There’s not need to keep cool air pumping through an empty house the whole time you’re away.

We hope you enjoy your trip – you deserve it! And if you notice any electrical issues when you return home, there’s no need to stress. Simply give the electrical experts at Lon Lockwood Electric a call and we’ll get things back up and running in no time!