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Don’t Let Santa Catch You Using Too Many Appliances For One Outlet

There are a million ways to get on the nice list. There are also a million ways to get on the naughty list. No matter how good you may have been up until this point, forcing plugs to fit one on top of the other or piggybacking them in the kitchen to keep everyone’s pot luck dish warm will get you on Santa’s naughty list fast.

This time of year, electrical needs seem to skyrocket. You string lights all over the outside of the house. You coil lighted garland around the banister inside. You plug in umpteen electric candles for every windowsill in the house. You also try and cram the plugs of too many small appliances into too few outlets in the kitchen. If your house is the site of the neighborhood or family party, crockpots, hot plates, blenders brimming with holiday drink concoctions, and Uncle Joe’s old radio blaring holiday songs are all taking up space and using electricity. This overload can be dangerous in a number of ways. It can cause shortages and even lead to electrical fires. If you want to accommodate everything and everyone safely, call Lon Lockwood Electric to find out how to safely get the power you need so everyone’s side dish stays toasty and spirits stay bright.

If you do try to use too many appliances for too few outlets and a fire sparks in your house, you will want to be prepared. The best way to prepare for the worst is to install smoke detectors Rochester NY home systems throughout the house. If you install smoke detectors Rochester NY home systems properly, you can relax and know your electrical habits won’t land you on the naughty list this year. Call Lon Lockwood Electric to find out more about our services to install smoke detectors in Rochester NY homes.