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Electrical Myths Debunked

Don’t believe everything you hear. You’ve probably heard that thousands of times throughout your lifetime and it’s a good rule to live by.

Here are a few myths about electricity that we want to clear up for you in order to keep you safe:

Myth: Power lines are insulated.

Fact: The truth is, ninety percent of power lines are not insulated. Even the ones that are, are exposed to weather and natural conditions that can wear insulation down over time. Therefore, no power lines are safe to touch.

Myth: Only high voltage is dangerous.

Fact: Most people don’t realize that voltage is the amount of pressure used to push electricity along. Amperage (amps) is the amount of electricity in a given spot and this is what is dangerous. It’s important to note that ¼ of one amp can cause irregular heart beating.

Myth: Wood is an insulator.

Fact: Wood is in fact, a conductor. It does become difficult for electricity to travel through wood because the molecules are so far apart, but if the wood is wet or the voltage is high enough, it can be very dangerous.

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