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Get The Most Out Of Your Yard With Landscape Lighting

Why call it quits when the sun goes down? Don’t let the spring and summer months pass you by, take advantage of the nice weather and make the most out of your yard.You can extend your barbecue or backyard party well into the night with the right lighting plan.

First thing’s first, you’re going to want to make sure you have adequate lighting around the deck or patio. Light fixtures fixed to the back of the house, string lights or rope lights tend to work well. Just be sure to incorporate enough light so you can see your food if you plan on eating outdoors.

Keep in mind that most of your guests will be spending time on the deck or patio rather than in the grass or scattered about the yard so don’t take this area “lightly”.

To add some ambiance and decor, consider lighting a few trees. Well, bullet and downlights tend to work best here. Focus the light on the beautiful foliage or the trunk, the choice is yours.

In addition to the trees, you want to show off your hard work in the flower beds and the garden right? Fixtures should be placed no closer than 20 feet apart and you’ll want pools of light to lead you from one plant to the next.

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