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How To Hang String Lights In Your Yard

Turn your ordinary yard into a party-ready playground with cafe-style string lights overhead. Is there a better way to spend a beautiful summer night than by hanging out at your own house with friends and family members? You may be thinking, “but how do I hang string lights, especially since I don’t have many trees in my yard.” Well, it’s a lot easier than you think.

Backyards With Trees or Fence Posts

If your yard has plenty of trees or fence posts, half the battle is already over. All you need to do is pick out the style of string lights that fits your taste, and grab some mounting hooks.

Do you really need to use hooks?

We recommend using mounting hooks over screws, nails or staples as there’s less of a chance of you puncturing the wires. Simply drape the wires in or around the hooks and you’re on your way to a backyard oasis.

Backyards Without Trees of Fence Posts

No trees? No posts? No problem. There are plenty of ways to hang string lights across your yard even without permanent support structures.

Head over to the local home improvement store and purchase a few large planters (if you’re feeling a bit more creative) and/or some sturdy posts (wood, metal or plastic will do the trick).

The for the planter route – you’ll also need to pick up some concrete mix as you’ll be cementing the posts into the planter and using these as your structures.

You can even decorate the outside of the pots and fill them with flowers or rocks for added flair.

If you don’t want to use planters, you can simply dig small holes along the fence line or around the patio and evenly spread posts around the area you wish to light up.

Pro Tip: The thicker you’d like the tension of the string lights, the thicker the post you should use.

The bottom line? Get creative! There are plenty of ways to hang string lights in your yard (and we’ll bet you have a number of existing structures that could support them already in place), it’s all a matter of where your creativity takes you!