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How To Reset A Tripped Breaker

Was becoming more familiar with how your home works one of your resolutions for 2017? Even if it wasn’t, we think it’s vital to get a better understanding of your home’s electrical system. After all, electricity plays a key role in how our homes operate and when it goes out lots of homeowners go into panic mode.

Fuses vs. Circuit Breakers

Imagine having to replace a fuse every time it blows? Well, you can thank advancements in technology because in older homes, that was the case each and every time. Nowadays, homes are protected by circuit breakers that can be mechanically reset whenever there’s a problem.

How To Reset A Breaker

Most of the time when a breaker trips, it’s because too many appliances overloaded the circuit. If this happens in your home, there’s no real need to worry. You can fix the problem by following these instructions:

  • Unplug or turn off the appliances in the room.
  • Find the main breaker panel and open the cover. Then locate the tripped breaker – it will be flipped to the “off” position or stuck in the middle between “on” and “off.”
  • Switch the breaker to the off position and then back to on. This should restore power to the room.

If the problem persists, you’ll want to call a professional electrician in right away. This could mean there is a serious problem in which case, we don’t recommend homeowners trying to diagnose. That’s where we come in! Give the experts at Lon Lockwood Electric a call to schedule an appointment and we’ll get things back up and running in a flash!