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Ice Can Cause Massive Damage to Your Home

If you live in the Rochester area, you know what ice and snow is capable of. You can’t prevent ice and snow from coming and you certainly can’t prevent what it can do to your home and property overall.

In the winter when ice is building up on roofs and gutters, there is just no way to stop it from going through the process of freezing, thawing, melting and refreezing. The cycle is inevitable as the sun comes up and causes small amounts to melt then nightfall brings a refreeze. For months, this cycle can unfold on the roof of your home, sheds, garages and any other roofs you may have on your property. As the snow builds up on top, it causes more melting underneath. Layers of melting and ice just build up underneath what can look like light and fluffy snow.

While this process takes place, all of the melting ice needs somewhere to go. It can trickle down in between the roof and actually reach the materials that are inside your home, such as the drywall and plaster. The accumulation and refreezing for possibly months on end also take a huge toll on the health of your shingles. Allowing this process to happen year after year can actually directly impact the life span of your shingles and affect their ability to protect what is underneath. Your shingles are your first line of defense for the home you value and work so hard to maintain. Once they are compromised, the affects of water and ice can’t be controlled or even fully predicted. It can also be very easy for this issue to go unnoticed as you typically can’t go up on your roof and inspect the state of the shingles during the cold winter months.

The damage that could be occurring from this process can be costly and compound each year it is undetected. Once water makes it way in, the effects, all negative effects, are limitless and difficult to reverse.Call us today!