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If you live in the Rochester area, you know what ice and snow is capable of. You can’t prevent ice and snow from coming and you certainly can’t prevent what it can do to your home and property overall. In the winter when ice is building up on roofs and gut

As the leading Rochester area electricians, the professionals at Lon Lockwood Electric know full well what electricity is capable of. If a power surge came rumbling through your home today, think about how many of your electrical devices could face potential damage. That damage comes at a cost. Even if you can file a claim with your insurance company, you could possibly end up with higher premium costs because of the amount of damage that may have occurred. If you know the value of all of all of the electrical devices and appliances in your home, then you should also know that it is imperative that you take necessary measures to protect your home and your property.

In the past, the only means of protection against the damage and devastation that a power surge can bring on was to install power surge protection strips throughout the home or office. These don’t always work and they can even be a danger if used incorrectly or overloaded with plugs. Today, the professionals at Lon Lockwood Electric are able to install whole house power surge protectors. These literally protect the entire home so you don’t have to run around feverishly unplugging all of your devices and appliances when a storm is coming. Plus, if you are not home to unplug appliances or devices, you are still protected with a whole house surge protector.

Power surges are completely unpredictable and are not always brought on by storms either. Why leave it up to chance if you can affordably protect your entire home whether you are there or not? The professional electricians at Lon Lockwood Electric can easily come out to your home and assess what kind of whole house surge protector may work best for you. For the office, having this kind of protection is paramount to keeping everything up and running in the event of a power surge. Any kind of damage to your systems can bring your business to a halt.

Not too many area businesses can afford to shut down, replace all of their electrical equipment and then pay more for insurance due to the incident. For the best way to avoid any and all pitfalls of a power surge, call Lon Lockwood Electric today and see what we can set up for you tomorrow.