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Is Your Electrical Wiring Up To Code?

Is your electrical equipment up to code? You may be thinking “Yes, it is” but with code changing so frequently, it could already be outdated.

As time has proven, the old style grounding was grossly inadequate and dangerous. To protect yourself from severe or fatal shock resulting from inadequate grounding, you need to have your grounding system inspected and, if necessary, updated to meet current electrical code.

Current code requires at least a #4 bare copper wire attached with a copper clamp to a clean, copper pipe. This wire must run all the way back to the panel. Code also requires an outside eight-foot grounding rod attached with copper wire to the panel box itself. It is also essential that a deoxidizing agent is used on the copper pipe to assure that it will not corrode and cause a degradation in the grounding connection. Does this sound like the setup you have?

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