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Keep Burglars Away With Electrical Timers

Heading out of town for summer vacation? This is the perfect scenario for burglars looking to get away with a few of your prized possessions. Think about it, no activity in the driveway, you’re probably posting pictures or checking-in at the hotel pool while you’re away, and no lights turning on or off – it’s no wonder they chose your home!

Not so fast, burglars! You can keep your home protected and fend off intruders by having electrical timers installed. It’s a fast and relatively inexpensive way to make sure nobody takes off with your belongings.

Before you leave, set them so they come on at night to make it look like somebody is there. And then have them shut off during the day to keep energy consumption to a minimum – it’s a win-win!

Timers are an easy way to reduce your energy consumption and can be used either indoors or outdoors. They are great for outdoor lighting, holiday lighting, and to leave preset for everyday functionality. Timers provide convenience and safety while saving you energy and money.

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