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Let Lon Lockwood Electric Handle the “Electrical Discoveries” in Your Home

Electricity is a beautiful thing. I can’t imagine a world without it and we all have Ben Franklin to thank for how we use it today. While many inventors and scientists evolved how we use it, the great kite experiment got the ball rolling. Ben Franklin risked his own life to make a discovery he was unsure about. While he may have been a risk taker and an innovative American icon, the professionals at Lon Lockwood Electric encourage you not to be when it comes to electricity.

While we can’t stop you from climbing on the roof of your house and flying a kite when the next lightning storm hits, we can stop you from having to deal with any electrical “discoveries” in your home. Our electrical repair Rochester NY professionals are highly trained and knowledgeable about every possible electrical connection in your home. We can rewire, install new outlets, upgrade your fuse boxes, install security and generator capabilities, and update your entire system. We take the safety of your electrical systems very seriously. We know how dangerous electricity can really be. The risk goes way beyond the small shock Franklin experienced.

When there are electrical problems or questions, don’t even think about putting on your bifocals and tri-corn hat and heading into the basement to handle it on your own. Leave the electrical discoveries in your home up to the electrical repair Rochester NY experts at Lon Lockwood Electric.