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The health and safety of our valued customers and employees is our top priority. As the situation surrounding the Covid-19 virus continues to evolve, we are taking extra measures to ensure the ongoing health and safety of our customers and employees. We are implementing our plans to provide safe and reliable service to you. We have advised our employees of personal hygiene and keeping their distance when visiting.

We ask that if you have a service appointment with us at your home and you are ill or have been out of the country in the past few weeks, please contact us so we can reschedule.

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Let Lon Lockwood Electric Make Your Home Your Comfort Station

You work hard for the home you have and you want to be able to enjoy every second you spend in it. With the help of Lon Lockwood Electric, you can sit back and be more comfortable in your home than anywhere else.

At Lon Lockwood, we are able to professionally install ceiling fans to keep your air circulating and cooling or heating the home at an optimal level. With special features for winter use, the ceiling fans we are able to install can keep that warm toasty air where you need it most rather than letting it linger up at the ceiling. During the summer, ceiling fans we professionally install can help keep your home comfortable, cool and fresh. Using a professionally installed ceiling fan may also help you cut down on having to turn on the air conditioning all day and night. Ceiling fans can be big, heavy, bulky and cumbersome to install on your own. Plus, the electrical components should always be handled by a professional electrician. If not installed properly, you could be risking injury if it falls or fire if you try and do the electrical part yourself.

Lon Lockwood Electric professional electricians should also be your go-to guys for installation of a whole exhaust fan for your home. We are more than able to assess what size or what style may be best for the size of your home or the age of your home. We will be more than happy to come into your home and give you an honest estimate and evaluation as to how a whole exhaust fan may help make your home more comfortable.

We are the leading experts for electrical panels in the Rochester area. We can fully evaluate whether or not your current electrical panel is capable of handling the job you may be asking of it. Air conditioning can siphon a great deal of electrical power and if your panel is ill-equipped or too small for the job, it could compromise the entire system. Let the professionals at Lon Lockwood Electric investigate what kind of panel you have and recommend what kind or size may be needed for optimal safe comfort.

At Lon Lockwood Electric, our financing options are a dream come true to any homeowner looking to add comfort without straining their wallet. There is no need to go into debt to have the comfort level you deserve from your homes electrical systems. We are to provide an accurate estimate up front so you know fully what to expect and can prepare accordingly. With our financing options, any Rochester area homeowner can take the leap to make their home as comfortable as it should always be.

When you want your home to be the most comfortable place you spend your days and nights, look no further than Lon Lockwood Electric.