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Lighting: How It All Began

Ever take a look at one of the light bulbs in your house and wonder where it all began? Who was the first person to create a source of artificial light and how did it evolve over the years? Sure, you may have some understand Thomas Edison and his contributions, but it goes back even before that! Find out a little more about the history of lighting below – it might help to answer some of your questions.

Way back when, the ancient Chinese discovered natural gas while mining for salt. They figured out a way to burn the gas to create a source of light underground. This invention eventually led to the type of gas lighting that stole the show from candles and oil lamps in France during the 1790s.

Where were gaslights first used? It all began in the streets of London back in 1807 and by the 1860s most of Britain’s towns and cities were lit up at night. This type of light burned dimly and wasn’t quite powerful enough.

In the 1880s, Austrian chemist Karl Auer came up with an incandescent gas mantle made of cotton fabric and thorium and cerium salts. The result? A brighter, white light that used less gas.

Competition grew quickly and prolifically over the years and believe it or not, we haven’t seen much a slowdown since. The race for better and more efficient technology continues to show today with the introduction of smart home gadgets and gizmos.

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