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Lon Lockwood Can Meet Your Heat Tape Needs

Whenever you own a home in the Rochester area, you know the devastating affects winter can have on your roof and your home. Ice dams and the constant refreezing and melting cycle can take a toll that you may not even realize. If you haven’t looked into a way to prevent ice dam damage yet, you should look into calling Lon Lockwood Electric to find out what heat tape installation on your roof may mean for you.

Lon Lockwood Electric expert technicians can come to your home and evaluate what heat tape may be able to accomplish for you. Heat tape can easily be installed this time of year and be up and ready for use long before the next snow even thinks about falling in the Rochester area. We can determine the amount and precise kind of installation that will work best for your particular roof. The size of your home and the style of roof you have all play a role in how much heat tape you may need. You may also want to see about installing heat tape on the roofs of other buildings on your property.

Some may worry about the initial cost of heat tape installation. However, cost is minimal when you think about the cost to your property if you do nothing about the ever-increasing amount of snow and ice that can build up each winter. Continuing a plan of climbing on top of your roof to sweep off or chip off ice or icicles is not recommended. Not only is it dangerous, you could actually do more harm than good chipping away and damaging shingles. It also isn’t an ideal way to deal with roof problems as you get older either. When you want a safe and affordable way to handle that ice and snow and prevent the damage it can do, heat tape is the sensible answer.

Call Lon Lockwood now to see if heat tape installation is the right choice for your winter protection needs.