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The health and safety of our valued customers and employees is our top priority. As the situation surrounding the Covid-19 virus continues to evolve, we are taking extra measures to ensure the ongoing health and safety of our customers and employees. We are implementing our plans to provide safe and reliable service to you. We have advised our employees of personal hygiene and keeping their distance when visiting.

We ask that if you have a service appointment with us at your home and you are ill or have been out of the country in the past few weeks, please contact us so we can reschedule.

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Lon Lockwood Electric Can Handle Your Electrical Panel Needs

If you are new to your home and not entirely sure of the status of the electrical panel in the home, or if you have been in the home for many years and are not sure what the real age of the panel is, it may be time to call Lon Lockwood Electric and have a comprehensive analysis of your electrical panel and system done.

Lon Lockwood Electric is the local trusted company who can come out and give you a fair, honest and unbiased assessment of the electrical panel in your home. If it is just fine, we can schedule regular check up and maintenance as needed. However if the electrical panel you have is outdated, unable to keep up with your electrical demands, or even potentially unsafe, we may recommend a replacement electrical panel. There are many kinds of electrical panels on the market and many are designed for various needs. We can help you filter through all of the information and determine exactly what may work best for you. We also understand your budget plays a role in what type you want to invest in and when exactly you can do so. We can sit down with you and explain all of your options then construct a plan to go forward.

Once you rely on Lon Lockwood Electric for all of your electrical panel and electrical system needs, you can rest assured that you are investing in the safest systems installed by the most trusted and highly trained experts in the area. We want to be partners in your home ownership journey and we want to be sure you are always safe and well protected.Call Lon Lockwood Electric today at (585) 766-4702 and let us see what you have and what you may need.