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Lon Lockwood Electric is the Answer to Your Electrical Connection Concerns

When you have just bought an older home or you have come to realize you have series circuit connections in your home or any other electrical connection issue, give Lon Lockwood Electric a call. While you may certainly know that you should never attempt any kind of electrical connection repair yourself, you may not know who exactly to call especially if you are new to the Rochester area. Lon Lockwood is the affordable, reliable, most trustworthy and professional electrical company around because we treat every electrical issue and repair as if it were our home.

At Lon Lockwood Electric, we can come in and investigate what kind of connections are in your home or office. We will thoroughly inspect the panel and make a recommendation for a rebuild or an upgrade you are comfortable with. We base our recommendations on the latest technologies and code enforcement laws and regulations. We know what kinds of connections are not only currently against the law but also what is best for your particular home and your electrical needs. Homes change and families may require more electricity for newer devices and appliances. You need to be sure the connections that keep your home running are the best of the best and are legal and safe.

If you are in an older home, it may pass inspection before you buy it but that doesn’t mean the electrical circuits and connections are necessarily the best. Even in homes that were built relatively recently, corrosion or back stabbed connections may be on the verge of causing problems. Any kind of connection problem can ultimately lead to a fire. Before you start demanding more from your home’s electrical connections or circuits than it can handle, let Lon Lockwood Electric see what really is going on behind those outlets, walls and panels.

Lon Lockwood Electric can be the best partner for your overall home ownership journey. Our estimates and prices are always fair, competitive and honest. We offer financing so you can upgrade or install the system you need without breaking the bank. Our financing allows you to invest in the safest electrical connection system available so you can sleep better at night and pay for the system over time. We also have a reputation for reliability.

Our service ensures that any electrical problem, big or small, will get fixed as soon as possible and with the utmost safety in mind. Our electricians are highly skilled, fully licensed and the most respectful in the industry also. When you see the Lon Lockwood Electric van, you know without a doubt that the job at hand is getting done right.