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Lon Lockwood Electric Puts Customers’ Health Front and Center

The staff and those who make up the family and friends of Lon Lockwood Electric have been touched by cancer in one way or another, just as almost everyone else. The unpredictability, randomness and helplessness felt by those affected by breast cancer is something that changes lives. As members of the community who genuinely care about the health of our customers and their families, the Lon Lockwood Electric staff and family would like everyone to think about early detection of breast cancer. We are so dedicated to helping and spreading the word about early detection that we pledge to donate $5 from every job this month to the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester.

Early detection simply saves lives. The sooner a woman is able to detect a problem or lump and see her doctor for further testing, the greater the chance that the breast cancer can be successfully treated. Waiting or ignoring symptoms only increases the likelihood of a tragic outcome. As treatments have advanced over the last decade, the survival rate has increased dramatically. While those advances in treatment options have helped more and more women beat breast cancer, it is still early detection that can make a world of difference.

Through sticking with annual check-ups, self-exams on a monthly basis, and reporting any signs or symptoms to your doctor as soon as they are detected, you are playing a major role in your own health and treatment. You could be saving your own life simply by paying attention to your body and seeking medical intervention at the first sign of something unusual. Women in particular often put off appointments or actively ignore health issues until a more convenient time. This is the worst way to handle your own health and you certainly wouldn’t advise any other woman in your life to ignore or delay medical treatment of a potential problem. There is simply too much at stake to not spread the word about how important early detection.

For yourself, and any women in your life and family, remember early detection truly saves lives and increases the chances that any woman can beat breast cancer.