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Outdoor Speakers That Blend In To The Landscape

“School’s out for summer!” We’re sure you’ve heard that song before and let’s face it – we’re all in a good mood now that summer is on the horizon. Plan on entertaining while the weather is warmer and the days are longer? There’s nothing like listening to your favorite music while hanging out in the yard with friends and family members, but those big bulky speakers aren’t going to cut it. See below to find out how you can enjoy your favorite artists all season long with equipment that blends into the surroundings.

Rock Speakers

If you want to place your outdoor speakers in the garden or among the bushes or trees, rock speakers are the way to go. What are rock speakers, you ask? They’re made to look like small rocks or boulders so they blend in naturally and don’t look like major eye sores.

Lots of models are solar powered, which means they don’t need batteries or wires for power and they can be streamed wirelessly from Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Planter Speakers

Who said flowerpots are just for plants? Some planters actually incorporate speakers into the base and you can even choose which type of plant to use in the bowl! Most models are compatible with bromeliads, ornamental grasses, lilies and hydrangeas. They even include drainage for those sporadic summer storms.

Tiki Speakers

Want to keep the party going well into the night? Opt for tiki speakers, or tiki lights with built-in speakers. These speakers get their power from the sun and the lantern portion mounts to a segmented metal pole. These are perfect to place around the perimeter of the patio or pool.

Exterior lighting has come a long way from a pair of flood lamps mounted to the side of a home or garage. All exterior lighting can be considered part security, but also part aesthetics. For this reason, it is important to consult a professional to help you through the design and placement of outside or exterior lighting. Give the experts at Lon Lockwood Electric a call today!