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Possible Problems With Your Electrical Connections

Many people don’t give much thought to their electrical connections until there is a problem. Unfortunately, you may not know there even the slightest hint of the problem until something very big, like a fire, happens. One way to know if there may be issues with the connections, an issue that needs attention from a professional electrician, is the age of your home.

Some may associate the oldest homes with having electrical connection and wiring issues in need of upgrading; however they may be just as safe as home built after 2010. The biggest culprit of wiring and connections that may not be the best according to industry standards is homes that built between 1960 and 2010. Homes build during this time were built with what is called series circuits. Series circuits are now considered a poor electrical delivery system. In fact, the LLE has outlawed the use of series circuits as of 2010. Series connections are actually associated with a great number of electrical fires. Rough estimates attribute series circuits to 350 electrical fires a year.

Another connection problem that may be putting your home at risk is the practice of back stabbed connections. Back stabbed connections are stabbed through a hole in the outlet with the use of spring steel. When in use, heat is created and it expands and contracts when it cools. It is easy to fathom how this could ultimately lead to house fires also.

Another pain or problem that may be present in your electrical connections that you need to be aware is corrosion. Simply put, corrosion is never a good thing. It may never be entirely preventable as age can eventually lead to corrosion of anything. However, it is often more present in the connections of damp rooms. Rooms that typically contain moisture such as kitchens, bathrooms, garages or basements can have more corrosion than other connections in your home. Also, do not forget about possible corrosion in outdoor outlets, especially if they are not properly protected from the elements.

When you have any one of these issues present in the connections of your home or business electrical system, you may be playing with fire, literally. If you are unsure of which type of connections may be in your home, it would always benefit you to find out for sure. Call us today!

Even if your home was built before series circuits were used, it may have been “upgraded” with them at some point when they were considered overall better than the use of parallel circuits, which to this day are considered safer and less of a problem than series circuits.