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Power Surges Are Unpredictable

There is no way to predict the weather. With that fact, there is no way to predict how severe lighting may become or what all can happen in the event of a power surge. Day or night, a power surge can happen to any home or business. Some people may also only think about power surge problems when it is stormy out. However, if a transformer blows or there is some other issue outside of your home and along your power grid, a sudden and unstoppable power surge can make its way through your home before you even know what happened. Power surges through homes and businesses can cause a wide range of problems ranging from cutting the power to important electrical devices all the way to causing a devastating fire.

Power surges through homes and businesses can lead to damage to expensive equipment. This can ultimately lead to needing to place a phone call to your insurance company. Whenever you place a call to your insurance company, you may never feel entirely confident about the outcome or what a claim may do to your premiums. However, if you have suffered damage due to a power surge, you may feel you have no choice if you want the damage repaired.

When a storm does come rolling in and you have a little bit of warning that a power surge may happen, you may find yourself all over the place trying to be sure everything is unplugged. This may include shutting down computer systems also. If you are at home, that process can be fairly smooth and quick. However, if your business has multiple computers running, it can be time consuming and nerve-racking hoping you have the time to shut down each and every computer before the next strike. Even worse than a mad dash to shut down equipment and unplug everything is the feeling of helplessness if you are not around and a major storm is happening.

It is the unknown and the anxiety of not being able to stop a power surge from penetrating your home or business that causes a feeling of panic for homeowners and business owners. Finding a way to protect your equipment, home or office from any potential damage from a power surge is the easiest way to quell those worries and feel safe regardless of what happens with the power that is beyond your control.Call us today!